Yoga club




  • A Holistic life
  • Action in relaxation
  • Increases efficiency
  • Fragrance of love

Yoga is an art. It is a science of living and is concerned with the emotion of mind and body. "Yoga is skill i action" states the Bhagawat Gita.

This is also the key to good health and happiness in today's world. So along with medicines, yoga therapy also plays a vital role in controlling metablolic disorders.

Yoga practices augment a students learning ability at school and regular discipline helps the growing child to channelize his emotional energies in a constructive manner.

Yoga is a form of complete education because it develops phisical stamina, emotional stability, intellectual and creative talents.

In our school, yoga is made compulsory for classess IX to XII.Breathing exercises, simplified physical excerises, Asanas are taught at regular intervals to all the students.

Teaching incharge

  • Mrs. Usha Soundarrajan
  • Mrs . A.K.Rukumani