Rules & Regulations

The Hindu Senior Secondary School, Triplicane


Rules & Regulations

  • Attendance is compulsory on last working day and on re-opening day before / after break / vacation, failing which student will not be allowed to attend the school without permission from the Principal.
  • Parents must ensure that their wards do not carry / use CD’s, mobile phone, ipads & electrical gadget’s. If found, the items will be seized and necessary disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Students who are absent for more than 3 days without intimation will not be allowed to attend the school unless the parents meet the Principal and give in writing the explanation for such absence.
  • Whenever a student is absent, he/she should submit the leave letter signed by the parent on the day he/she is reporting to school. Delay in submission won’t be allowed.
  • If any student is absent on medical gound for more than 3days his/her absence will be considered for leave only after he/she submits the leave letter signed by the parent along with M.C.
  • Student name will be removed from the roll.
    a) If absent for a week or more without any intimation in writing.
    b) For non-payment of school fees even after the due date for late payment with penalty.
    c) If applied for T.C.
    d) Against disciplinary actions.

    Once removed from roll readmission is possible only if approved by the management and if there is a vacancy in the class and upon paying fees as in the case of a new admission.
  • Generally, normal classes will be conducted as per time table after the monthly / term tests. So students should bring necessary books and note books and lunch / snacks as usual. (Unauthorized absence after the test / term exam for the regular classes will be considered as absent for the test / term exam, the paper will not be evaluated).
  • Frequent absenting on Saturdays, test / term exams will be viewed seriously. If absent for any test / term exam, the student should answer the paper as a home assignment and get it checked by the subject teacher. No retest / re-exam is allowed.
  • No child is exempted from giving the annual / summative examination under any circumstance.
  • Students should bring their lunch / snacks, water bottle along with them in the morning itself. No one will be permitted to hand over the lunch carriers / packets etc. during school hours.
  • Whenever a student reports late to the school, should bring a letter signed by the parent. Not more than three such late coming will be permitted in a term. Student Reporting late during monthly test / term and terminal examination will not be allowed to give the test / Examination.
  • Marks will be deducted from different subjects if a student very often, reports late to school / not wearing proper uniform / not wearing the ID card and not completing the home assignments on time.
  • Only the parent / authorized guardian (as intimated to the school in writing) should sign the progress report, leave letter or any intimation letter to the school.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school premises during short break and Lunch time.
  • School games and exercise are compulsory for all except in case of exemption for medical reasons supported by certificates from recognised medical practitioners.
  • Distribution of sweets or any other eatables or of gifts of anykind on the occassion of birthday etc., is strictly prohibited.
  • No transport facility by the school and no outsourcing or authorized service. Parents to make own arrangement from LKG to XII standard.


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Upcoming Events

  • Oct - 1stFounder's Day
  • Oct - 2ndGandhi Jayanthi
  • Oct - 5thPooja / Dasara
  • Oct - 14thVijaya Dasami
  • Oct - 16thBakrid
  • Oct - 19thParents Teacher Meet
  • Oct - 25thMusic and Dance Festival