Anatole France says – “ The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of the young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards “. The springs of natural curiosity – the base for creativity can be opened out by the activities in the LITERARY CLUB.

Drawing out the unexpressed creativity in every student is also one of the prime objectives of education. Every child in the class need not be creatively genius by birth, but certain degree of creative interest can be fostered by the thoughtful effort and the motivation by teachers.

Clark defines creativity as ‘the synthesis of all human functions including emotion, cognition, action and intuition. Our teachers provide plenty of chances to actively engage them and nurture their creativity.

Literary Club of The Hindi Senior Secondary School, Triplicane, with the team of language teachers work together to nurture a conducive environment where learning and growth progresses beyond psychological hurdles. A plethora of well –designed activities that suitably engages them, and considers their state of development provide them scope for an all-round development.

We concentrate on the facets of effectual communication, ultimately it depends on:

  • the art of mindful listening and
  • Action in relaxation
  • the art of best behavioural expression.

The main objectives of Literary Club are

  • To create a readiness to learn.
  • To enhance the learning capacity of the learner.
  • To motivate the slow learners to perform well.
  • To give a stage for their innate talents and abilities.
  • To promote critical thinking and foster creativity.
  • To improve the quality of all practical work done.
  • To strengthen scholastic performance, communication and many life skills.
  • To provide base for building positive attitudes and build self-confidence.
  • To promote worthy habits and values, the individual and group responsibilities.


Literary Club has helped the students to pen down poems, articles and drawing in the daily newspaper ‘ Times of India ‘ – students’ edition through NIE ( Newspaper in Education) and our school got the opportunity of editing the day’s newspaper in the month of January ’14.

  • Students took part in the BAIT CLUB and are qualified for the semi-finals.
  • S.Krithika of VII won the 12 conducted by SOF – 2012-2013.
  • Our students won the 1st,2nd,3rd prizes in the competitions – Poetry writing ( English & Tamil) Oratorical competition, Slogan Writing and Drawing in the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations by the Tamil Nadu Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Ch-3 in the first week of August ’13.

Either as a classroom activity or as a competitive activity, a stimulating communication backdrop is created like picking a topic and expressing their thoughts, essay writing, poem, slogan writing, story writing, debates and best of the writings selected for school magazine / Times of India strudents’ edition.