Health club



Health Club

We have started with healthclub in association with “ARISE” the charitable trust . The 25 students of class IX and XI are the members of this club.


  • To be the youth ambassadors and advocates of the youth health movement.
  • To spread awareness to the students through activity based programmes
  • Prevention of non-communicable diseases.
  • Specific events such as world tobacco day World Cancer Day have to be observed and all activities will be conducted on those days to carry the relevant message.

Guidelines for the YHC members:

They should be the active members for all activities under the banner of youth health movement. They need to involve in educating the other people in regard to substance abuse, diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness and hygiene and environment.

Other health programmes for this year:

  • Seminars will be conducted on prevention and cure of various diseases
  • Cancer screening for women.